What is the problem we are solving?  

We are solving youth unemployment by targeting low-income, underserved, and/or low-resourced students to teach the fundamentals of career development in how to obtain gainful employment. 

How is YCC Inc. different from its competitors?

What's different is the personal brand, story, and credentials of our founder, Natascha Saunders. She is the face of our brand because she personally knows what it is like to live in what some say is low-income housing. She grew up in a home with a father and brother who were alcoholics and where domestic violence existed. She had a brother whose body was pulled out of a river. She had a mom who battled trauma, and she was a kid with a learning disability.

What separates Natascha is being a Black kid who has walked the lives of those she serves. This is what she wants to bring more forcefully to the table in her career development work. The basic tools our competitors bring to the table are great when it comes to content, we all know the content, but the reality is teaching kids students from unique backgrounds takes resilience, self-efficacy, and code-switching and that is what Natascha offers in her workshops.

Why is The Youth Career Coach Inc. your best option?

We take the career interests, goals and overall well-being of students very seriously. We are passionate about helping students discover and live their purpose. In addition, Founder/CEO Natascha F. Saunders is a Certified Career Coach under the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches PARW/CC. She is also respected in the human resources industry, higher education field and serves as a faculty member, which gives her timely access to the latest trends. 

Learn more about Natascha by visiting her personal website  www.nataschasaunders.com or join her LinkedIn network which provides testimonials and credentials. You are also welcome to join her 55k+ network on Twitter @TaschaSaunders.

How are services provided? 
The Youth Career Coach services are provided virtually (phone, email, Skype, web conferences) or in-person (by request).

What is so special about our Founder Natascha? 

Our Founder, Natascha grew up in a home with domestic violence, survived rape in college, was diagnosed with a learning disability, battled low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts, had a brother who was found dead in a Boston river, and that's not all... she is now proudly a first-generation college graduate, former Miss Black Rhode Island USA, and served as Goodwill Ambassador, West Africa, Gambia under the Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant. She has a story to tell that could encourage many! "Natascha Saunders has been called one of the top-rated student career coaches in New England."


​​​The Youth Career Coach Inc. was founded in August 2009 by Natascha F. Saunders a well-respected provider of career development and experiential education services with the purpose to ensure students are self-aware and market-ready. The YCC Inc. vision is accomplished through coaching, consulting, resume editing, curriculum development, webinars, and workforce development workshops. 

The Youth Career Coach Inc. aims to stay focused on its' key objectives: 

  • To uncover dreams and give hope. 
  • To help solve barriers to employment and career success. 
  • To identify, listen, and support purpose-driven aspirations.
  • To provide a safe space where students can discuss areas of concern and problem solve.

The Youth Career Coach Inc. has served a myriad of clients including: BNY, Luke C. Moore, Harvard, PwC, George Mason University, Johns Hopkins University, MIT Sloan School of Management, Lake State Superior, Year-Up, Boston University Upward Bound, Inroads, Howard University TRIO Programs, Boston Public Schools, Public Library, Department of Human Services / Foster Care in New York, Brooklyn, and many more....

​​​​​​The Youth Career Coach Inc. 

High School - First GEN - Recent Graduate - Graduate School - Young Professionals