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Motivational Youth Speaker and Career Coach, Natascha Saunders

Natascha Saunders, under the auspicious of The YCC Inc., has served in a consulting capacity focused on the career and leadership development needs of individuals, corporations, agencies, K-12, universities, and non-profits since August 2009.

Natascha is skilled in a variety areas such as Vision Creating, Goal Mapping, Career Research, Communication, Leadership Development, Workshop Instruction, Curriculum Design, Recruiting, Academic / Student Affairs, University Career Development and more....

►Recruiter (Recruiting a variety of roles), Education Membership Agency, ASCD, Alexandria, VA

►Human Resource Consultant (Recruiting International Employees, Designed Internship Process, Employee Handbook) The Clarendon Group, Cleveland, OH 
►Redesign of the Leadership Bachelor's Degree Major Curriculum (all courses moving from trimester to semester system), Northeastern University CPS, Boston, MA
►Designed Career Curriculum for Teachers, Luke C. Moore Alternative High School, Washington, D.C
►Created a Mid-Day Mentoring Program, East Boston High School, Boston Public Schools, Boston, MA
►Summer Career Development Training Program, St. Vincent's/Heartshare, Department of Human Services, Kids in Foster Care, Brooklyn, NY
►In-house Corporate Professional Development Training for Millennials In Their First Corporate Job, Year Up, Boston, MA 
►Education Consultant, EnCompass Education Solutions; Braintree, MA
... and more

Let's connect to see how we can help each other or how Natascha can be of service in a short or long-term consulting capacity. 

Contact to discuss services:  

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