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Attorney Beverly E. Ledbetter(Bronze Necklace, Cream Top)

.........serves as Vice President and General Counsel (OGC) providing legal counsel, representation, and oversight of work on the wide range of legal matters affecting Brown University. Under the leadership of the Vice President and General Counsel (Lawyer), Beverly E. Ledbetter, with the assistance of a Deputy and three Associate Counsel, the OGC advises senior officers, managers, deans, and faculty on legal and regulatory issues related to Brown's activities and operations, including transactional matters, and dispute resolution, enabling Brown to legally operate with maximum flexibility. Click here to read more.....

Wendy L. Wilson(in the braids)

.......formerly served as News Editor (Writer) for ESSENCE magazine. In this role she was responsible for assigning various in-depth feature stories, profiles, special reports, and commentaries for the news section. She is also the former news editor for ESSENCE.com, where she provided daily news coverage and content for the Web site, including breaking news and exclusive stories. Click here to read about her experience during that time.....