Motivational Youth Speaker and Career Coach, Natascha Saunders

Did you know that 78% of teenagers list their parents as the biggest influence on their career choices?

That's a lot of responsibility. Yet, many parents don't know exactly how to help their student explore and prepare for the world of work. The good news is that parents don't need to be career experts to have a big positive impact. They just need the right tools. 

In collaboration with Inside Jobs, The Youth Career Coach, Natascha Saunders is happy to announce this new resource.

This 10-page guide has quick tips parents and adults need to kick off their career conversation, including:

* Ideas, exercises, and online resources to help teens explore careers

* The answers to 'Why is career exploration important?'

* Advice on parent thoughts and feelings on career exploration

And other tips to help your student prepare for a more confident future!

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Do you want to prepare your teen and young adults for a bright future, but don't know where to start? Welcome to Inside Jobs' Career Exploration for Teens: A Parent Guide to Starting the Career Conversation. Inside Jobs teamed up with certified youth career coach Natascha Saunders to give you these exercises, tips, and online resources you need to kick off a successful career conversation with your student. 

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A Parent Guide to Starting the Career Conversation

High School - First GEN - Recent Graduate - Graduate School - Young Professionals

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