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Natascha has written articles and accepted interviews from websites, magazines, newspapers, blogs, Twitter chats, and media outlets including:

"THE GLOBAL PODCAST" FANTASTIC Australia Interview! http://buff.ly/1JbjtDB 

ED Youth Voices: U.S. Department of Education
National Urban League 

El Pueblo Latino

Color Magazine USA
Boston University Builders & Leaders
Johnson & Wales Alumni Magazine
Working Mother Online Magazine

Metro News (Boston, Philly, NYC, Canada)
The Providence American
The Fall River Herald News 
Herald News
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The New York Times

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Saunders, N. (2012). Internship Stories. In Why Internships Are Good: The Best Education Money Can’t Buy. (pp. 129 -134). (n.p.) Amazon

Saunders, N. (2012). Career Exploration for Teens: A Parent Guide to Starting the Career Conversation. (n.p.) InsideJobs

Saunders, N. (2010). Black Youth & Unemployment. In Obama and Black Loyalty Vol. 1 (pp. 55-69). (n.p.) Global Mark Makers​

Natascha F. Saunders is the CEO and Founder of The YCC Inc.; she works with individuals, organizations and academic institutions to ensure her clients are self-aware and market-ready.  She has written many articles, columns, speeches, and presentations. She is the Chapter 5 Author of Black Youth & Unemployment in the book Obama and Black Loyalty Vol 1. Natascha partnered with InsideJobs.com to write Career Exploration for Teens: A Parent Guide to Starting the Career Conversation.

Although gifted to work with youth, students, and young professionals, she has provided coaching for career changers and served as an executive coach for C-Suite Executives at organizations such as EMD Serono, National Association of Black Accountants, and within various industries such as: Human Resources, IT/STEM, Higher Education, Marketing, Publishing, Medicine, etc.

Natascha brings expertise to her work that is grounded in leadership principles along with over ten years of experience. To see her professional experiences visit:

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​​​​​​The Youth Career Coach Inc. 

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