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The Youth Career Coaching Start-Up Kit


*Ten (10) Career Development Modules, Business Start-Up Tools, Extra Career Resources
This includes: documents, templates, samples, tools, assessments, presentations, handouts, homework, resources, quizzes


TOPIC #1: Interviewing

  • Lesson Plan (Class Objectives, Procedures, Expectations, Activity, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Extra PowerPoint On Marketing For The Interview
  • Informational Interview Assignment
  • Mock Interviewing Scoring Rubric
  • Do You Know How You Interview Test
  • Interviewing & Selling Yourself Podcast Worksheet
  • Peer Interview Template
  • Thank You Note Template
  • Reference Template   
  • Interview Preparation Checklist        
  • Before, During & After the Interview ​​​

TOPIC #2:  Personal Branding©

  • Lesson Plan (Class Objectives, Procedures, Expectations, Activity, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Branding © Version 
  • PowerPoint Branding ©  Version II
  • Quiz Personal Branding© Version I
  • Quiz Personal Branding ©Version II
  • Quiz Personal Branding ©Version III
  • Student Biography Template
  • Writing Your Professional Biography Assignment
  • Personal Branding © Pop Quiz Assessment
  • M.I.C.R.O.© Personal Branding Assignment 
  • What Does Image Stand For
  • Note: M.I.C.R.O. was created by Natascha Saunders, The YCC Inc. and MUST be cited. 

TOPIC #3: Networking

  • Lesson Plan (Class Objectives, Procedures, Expectations, Activity, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Networking Exercise
  • Networking Homework
  • Sample Sound Bite / Elevator Pitch
  • Crafting Your Elevator Pitch Lesson
  • Elevator Pitch Rubric
  • Demystifying Networking Myths
  • Networking BINGO Activity 

TOPIC #4: Character Development and Personality

  • Lesson Plan (Class Objectives, Procedures, Expectations, Activity, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Character Development Homework
  • Character Development Activity
  • Character Rubric
  • Questions Students Should Ask When Making Decisions
  • Lesson Activities Examples of Ethical Dilemmas
  • Jung Typology Personality Assessment Tool
  • Jung PowerPoint Presentation
  • Jung Personality Assignment​

TOPIC #5: Communication and Time Management

  • Lesson Plan (Class Objectives, Procedures, Expectations, Activity, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • List of Code Switch Videos
  • How Well Do You Plan Quiz
  • Communication & Time Management Quiz
  • Communication Homework
  • Let’s Look At Your Day Planner Activity
  • 10 Week Planner Template
  • Time Schedule Template
  • Additional Resources (Article Link, Video Link)
  • TIP Search the Internet for helpful infographics such as the following: Common Non-Verbal Mistakes Made, Digital World of Teens
  • Extra: Communication Activities with Online Link Sources

TOPIC #6: Job Applications and Job Search

  • Lesson Plan (Class Objectives, Procedures, Expectations, Activity, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Job Applications)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Keys to A Successful Job Search)
  • Worksheet: Career Research
  • Cool Job Search Videos
  • Tips for Completing Job Applications
  • Sample Job Application Template
  • Researching the Company & Industry Checklist
  • Make a Job/Career Fair Work Checklist
  • Job Application Facilitator Teaching Template
  • Teens and Young Adults Job Search Resources for Facilitators
  • List of 25 Job Search Apps
  • TIP Search the Internet for helpful infographics, but the following are included: 11 Vocational Skills, Bachelor’s Degree & Income, Highest-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

TOPIC #7: Self Esteem

  • Lesson – Self Esteem
  • Self-Esteem Quiz
  • Stress Story for Students
  • Self-Esteem Journal Guide
  • 5 Steps to Finding Balance
  • 7 Ways to Handle Low Self-Esteem​​

TOPIC #8: Cover Letter | Resume | Thank You Notes | References

  • Cover Letter
  • Cover Letter Rubric
  • Cover Letter Template Instruction
  • Make the Match Activity
  • Resume Resources
  • In Class Resume Activity
  • Power Verbs For Resume
  • Action Verbs For Resumes
  • The Youth Career Coach Inc. Resume Guide (PDF Sample)
  • The Youth Career Coach Inc. Teen Resume Guide (MS Word)
  • Writing a Resume, Objective, Profile
  • Thank You Notes and References Resources
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Thank You Note Videos Suggestions to Use 
  • Mid-Career Resume Tips

TOPIC #9: Vision, Goal Setting, and Personal Advisory Board

  • PowerPoint Template for Vision
  • 10 Commandments for Goal Setting
  • Goal Setting Student Journal with Categories
  • Goal Setting Record
  • Goal Setting Journal with Logo
  • Vision & Goal Setting Guide
  • Student Vision Statement and Goal Setting

TOPIC #10: Finances, Budget, Negotiation

  • Budget Worksheet
  • Budget Worksheet II
  • Negotiation Resources List
  • PowerPoint Assessment Your Financial Self
  • Salary Negotiation Worksheets
  • Sample Budget Worksheet
  • Steps to Landing a Promotion and Negotiation​


The following start-up sample templates and tools will help you start. ​

*These bonus documents are NOT legal advice only templates that Natascha is personally offering to get you started. Edit accordingly!

We highly recommend that you meet with an accountant, lawyer, and small business administration. 

  • Accountability Form
  • Business Plan Outline
  • Facebook Cover Photo Templates
  • Monthly Coaching Topics Outline
  • Pre-Sized Social Media Covers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Resources for Solopreneurs
  • Sample Blog Editorial Calendar Using Excel
  • Sample Service Agreement
  • Sample Service Contract
  • Sample Speaker Flyer / One Sheet
  • Sample Speaker Flyer II / One Sheet
  • Sample Business Tri-Fold Brochure
  • Speaker / Workshop Request Form
  • Small Biz Goals Template NS
  • Small Biz Plan Template NS
  • Query / Intake Form
  • Workshop Evaluation Form
  • Sample Invoice 

YOU ALSO GET......​ 

  • Developing Your Career Tool Kit  includes tips on Virtual Interviewing 
  • Gen Z & Millennials in the Gig Economy PowerPoint
  • What goes into a Career Portfolio
  • Online Portfolio Videos & Websites
  • Suggested Readings
  • Top 10 Skills Needed To Land You a Job
  • Job and Career Resources for Teenagers List
  • Career Portfolio Content Handout
  • Additional Book Recommendations
  • 7 People You Need on Your Personal Advisory Board
  • Continuing Your Education, PowerPoint
  • Continuing Your Education, Presentation Notes Outline
  • Facebook Career Webinar, PowerPoint 
  • Assess Your Financial Self: The Fundamentals, PowerPoint
  • Professionalism, PowerPoint
  • Transitional Checklists
  • Worksheet Career Planning List
  • Rubrics and Check Lists (Interviewing, Branding, Networking, Character, Communication, Applications, Search)​​


Are you looking for career coaching start-up content to deliver workshops or hold one-on-one coaching sessions for youth, studentsor low-income / low-resource adult learners? If so, then what I'm about to offer you may be of interest.  I am excited to provide you startup content that will catapult your audience in multiple ways. 

Helping you save time by providing YOU already created content that you can use and edit. 

You can begin to use these same materials --  immediately and without spending hours upon hours creating your content from scratch. If you are a speaker or trainer, then being ready at a moment's notice to deliver a workshop or take on a student when asked is crucial to being a successful career coach, mentor, and speaker.

If you are a youth entrepreneur relying on income from only one avenue, then you are missing out on $$$ by not delivering and offering a multitude of workshops that can help expand your brand. If you can not find the time to start from scratch creating workshops that require a quick turnaround, then you are missing out on a unique shortcut, The YCC Inc. Start-Up Kit. 

The problem occurs when you have to think of a topic to speak on or take on a client that asks something specific and then create the handouts, PowerPoints, templates, assignments, quizzes, query forms, evaluations, etc. Since 2009, we have received tons of emails from coaches, mentors, speakers, and educators asking for advice on what topics they should teach and how to put them all together.  

These same leaders tell us they are tired of creating materials from scratch and are desperate to find content that has already been started.

Saving time.…

It could take you hours upon hours and days upon days and cost you time and money to figure out all the content you want to offer – while others just give up and say I wish I could help youth with their careers, but I don’t have the time to begin.

Creating coaching & workshop content from scratch is time-consuming and to some very tedious….

Instead of stressing yourself out and trying to create your content one topic at a time, you can have a collection of content, coaching templates, and business startup tools that Natascha uses for her coaching business, ready to use starting today!

The solution...... for serving youth, students, and low-resourced adults. 


Do you work with high school or college students? 

Do you work with First GEN low-income and low-resourced students? 

Do you support first-generation adult learners working on their GED or equivalent?

Are you teaching students who have never been taught the basics of career readiness? 

Are you coaching students within the U.S. school system limited in career courses?

If so, these basic and editable templates might be for you to use with students.

Career Curriculum

​​​​​​The Youth Career Coach Inc. 

High School - First GEN - Recent Graduate - Graduate School - Young Professionals

The bottom line is…..

Natascha has used these basic materials for years and has made thousands, upon thousands as a coach and speaker since 2009. Once you have placed your order, you will automatically be directed to a cloud file to instantly download the same products Natascha uses for her clients. Just click and drag to your desktop or cloud drive.

Once you receive access to the content, download, and edit as you see fit! 



"I remember being in high school and knowing what I wanted to study for my career and not really having any idea on how to put my best self forward towards reaching my goals. Natascha really helped me hone in my particular skill sets that would not only help for colleges to see the best me, but allow for future employers to witness all that I could bring in the future. She provided a foundation for which I could grow upon as the years went on."
Alleah S.
Brandeis University, Posse Foundation Scholar
Atlanta Girls' School Graduate

"Ms. Saunders is an exceptional coach and advocate for youth development. Her passion to empower and prepare students and young professionals for the real world is exemplary. I recently worked with Ms. Saunders at the Power Networking Conference in Dallas, Texas; and her amazing contributions led me to submit this recommendation on her behalf. She's an invaluable asset and leader who brings many talents, drive, motivation, and inspiration to any project that she touches!"
Antoine D. M., Ph.D.
NASA Manager, BlackEnterprise.com, Contributor, Author & Motivational Speaker

 "I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my resume and mock interview. I did a mock interview with you to prepare for my interviews with the Big 4 accounting firms' summer leadership programs. Not only did I get accepted in two of the programs, but I participated in both this summer and got two internship offers for next summer! Thanks for all the help!" Sarah M., Alumni, Boston University
"I have known Natascha Saunders for several years. What I really respect and appreciate about her is the unique gift she has to motivate and empower everyone she meets. Natascha is a great communicator and public speaker. She always has wonderful ideas and advice to give, especially to those like myself, who are more quiet and introverted. For example, I learned ways to network and seek the career opportunities I want using her ideas with my personal style of communicating. Natascha is, overall, a great mentor and I would recommend her to anyone who asks." 

Shaneka A., General Education Teacher Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you in advance for purchasing and using the youth career coaching start-up kit.

Step 1:Once you submit your payment you will receive an email in less than 24 hours from Natascha directly with a thank you note that includes the link to download the content.

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Step 3:Remember you are getting already starter-created content that you can edit. We think you will feel excited that you did not have to start from scratch and now you have basic and fundamental materials you can build upon to serve your students.


Dr. Natascha F. Saunders, MBA, MS

Certified Professional Career Coach (PARW/CC)

Why not use the same basic PowerPoints, Handouts, Activities, Homework, Assignments, Quizzes, and Assessment Tools, etc., and coaching resources that Natascha uses for her workshops, mentoring groups, and one-on-one career coaching sessions? 

You could own 10 workshop packages +Bonus Materials of a recognized career coaching start-up curriculum on the market today that covers the bare basics and fundamentals of career development. 

You could use this career coaching content for your students:

  • Articles 
  • Blogs
  • Classrooms
  • Coaching 
  • Lecturers
  • Mentoring 
  • Newsletters
  • Seminars
  • Speeches
  • Webinars
  • Workshops

Natascha has used these materials over many years to teach career classes at public high schools, charter schools, INROADS, Year-Up, Upward Bound, TRiO, and higher education institutions like: MIT, Boston University, Johnson & Wales University, Brown University, Harvard University, Fisher College, Lake State Superior, and Howard University. She has built her youth career coaching business teaching thousands of students. Also, whether it's the 9000+ on her LinkedIn 50000+ on her Twitter consisting of professionals and students who purposefully decide to follow her lead - you will be connected to a compassionate and competent leader in this field.