Natascha F. Saunders is the Founder, Certified Coach & Chief Learning Officer for The Youth Career Coach Inc. est. in 2009 is a respected Certified Career Coach, Curriculum Creator, Workshop Facilitator helping students, and young professionals start, navigate and excel in their careers. Natascha travels across the United States and abroad. She is focused on preparing students to be self-aware and market-ready for corporate America. Also, she currently serves on the faculty at Northeastern University D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Gender Women Studies Faculty at The University of Rhode Island and as a Senior MBA Admissions Consultant at The MBA Exchange, where her specialty is helping those in STEM fields prepare their best possible MBA candidacy package into an Ivy League Institution.  Workshop and speaking areas include: Vision Statements, Personal Branding, Resumes, Interviewing, Networking, Goal Setting, Continuing Education, Career Readiness, LinkedIn, and more.

Sherry Cheng (Research Assistant) is based in New York, NY for The Youth Career Coach Inc. Sherry introduces herself as a Chinese Asian American student mentor, research assistant, writer, and young professional. She graduated with an MA degree in Experimental Psychology from St. John’s University and worked at the Center for Psychological Services. She has come to attain skills in conducting and researching psychology literature reviews and publications. Throughout her time working at the clinic, she has come to understand the theories of change over time involving child-parent interaction. Right now, she is a staff member at NYU Langone Health. She has planned to pursue a career in clinical research. In the process of achieving that goal, Sherry has served as an advisor, researcher, and writer for The Youth Career Coach Inc. where her skills have helped to create a list of scholarship resources, draft career presentations and leadership articles, transcribe interviews, outline curriculum content, conduct doctoral-level research, and much more.  

Adesuwa Igbineweka (Career Coach, Speaker) is based in Boston, MA, and cares about social justice and choose to apply herself in the field of education. She believes in collectively challenging the status quo to be inclusive and equitable in reducing barriers and creating a better world. Yes, it is difficult to talk about and address issues of race, gender, and ability, but it makes a difference when we do. In higher education, she addresses: student support, success, and engagement, financial support, and experiential learning. Under her instruction, students learn in multiple ways and success comes in multiple forms. Students benefit from engaging with employers, mentors, and professional partners while in college that is why she is a Career Development Specialist. Adesuwa is very engaged in preparing students for the world of work, how they present themselves to employers, communities, or future employees. Workshop and speaking areas include: how best to present in interviews, resumes, cover letters, job searches, salary negotiations, networking, or mentoring. 

Dima Hendricks (Pageant Coach, Speaker, Sickle Cell Advocate) is based in Randolph, MA, and at the age of six months was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. In the face of adversity, Dima was determined to live a life filled with purpose. A graduate of Liberty University, Dima has an extensive pageant resume that spans over 13 years. In addition to winning state and local pageant titles, she has coached and directed a multitude of pageants. During her reign as Miss Black Massachusetts USA 2007, Dima became an advocate for The American Heart and Stroke Association. She also became the youngest board member of the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Association. Today, Dima continues to advocate for the sickle cell community at large. In addition to educating individuals with holistic and creative alternatives to treating illness, Dima continues to partner with physicians and pharmaceutical companies to help find a cure for sickle cell disease. Dima is also a co-host and co-producer of Public Praise TV, a show that was created by her talented husband, Michael. The couple is happily married and has two handsome boys. Workshop and speaking areas include: Tips to Succeed in Your First Pageant, Benefits of Pageantry, Managing Sickle Cell While Managing Your Career, Overcoming Obstacles, Media Interviews, Managing a Business with a Family, and more.

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