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"Thank you very much, Natascha. I'm truly greatful and blessed on how everything turned out. Ever since I first met you and you talked about always putting into action what it is we want to accomplish. If we want to gain success, then we have to go out and get success. You taught me a lot with Think Big Dream Big!" Danzel Jones West Virginia State, University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

"Over the course of a few months, Natascha helped me drastically redirect my path. Her professionalism, her expertise, and her attentive ears are unmatched. If you’re committed to changing your current life in a major way but don’t know where or how to start, Natascha Saunders is the answer. Investing in Natascha’s services is the greatest investment I made in myself this year.” ~Slandie Prinston

"I remember being in high school and knowing what I wanted to study for my career and not really having any idea on how to put my best self forward towards reaching my goals. Natascha really helped me hone in my particular skill sets that would not only help for colleges to see the best me, but allow for future employers to witness all that I could bring in the future. She provided a foundation for which I could grow upon as the years went on."
​Alleah Salone, Brandeis University, Posse Foundation Scholar
​Atlanta Girls' School Graduate

"Ms. Saunders is an exceptional coach and advocate for youth development. Her passion to empower and prepare students and young professionals for the real world is exemplary. I recently worked with Ms. Saunders at the Power Networking conference in Dallas, Texas; and her amazing contributions led me to submit this recommendation on her behalf. She's an invaluable asset and leader who brings much talent, drive, motivation and inspiration to any project that she touches!"
Antoine D. Moss, Ph.D.
NASA Manager, BlackEnterprise.com, Contributor, Author & Motivational Speaker (AntoineMoss.com)

"Natascha is a highly intelligent, intuitive, confident and kind person. She undoubtedly displays leadership qualities and is also a great team player. Above all, she has a warm character, positive attitude and is always willing to participate and help others. Natascha is definitely a fund person to work with."
George Zachariades

"I have the pleasure of knowing Natascha for more than three years. She is a true visionary filled with amazing ideas to help others see their hidden potential. Natascha commits 100% of her time and effort in ensuring that whomever she connects with is empowered. I highly recommend Natascha as she is the epitome of what it means to be a real leader."
Dr. April Lisbon-Peoples
Global Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Life-Coach Strategist

“Ms. Saunders is INCREDIBLE. Her resourcefulness, dedication, hardwork are second to none and I truly enjoyed working with her at Boston University. I found Natascha wonderful to work with, knowledgeable, extremely professional and I'd surely want her on my team each and every day. In my 13 years as an academic, I don't think I've found anyone who gives so much of their energy to helping students secure career opportunities, mentoring and career coaching.” “She is OUTSTANDING in every imaginable way.” 
Jeffrey W. Allen, Ph.D
Professor, Boston University School of Management 

“Thank you again for volunteering to be our keynote speaker this morning! You were absolutely wonderful. I had several people comment to me that your message was very on point. I am sure we will get an opportunity to work together more in the future!” 
Tara M. Raposa
Boston Private Industry Council
Former Assistant Director, Employer Organizing Team  

“You delivered a phenomenal workshop on networking at the Harvard WECAN conference, and I still practice your tips often. Do keep me posted on your upcoming career workshops! Your resume, by the way, is very impressive. I look forward to learning more from you.” 
Shirley Sun
Harvard and UCLA, Alumni 

“Natascha was amazing when it came to assisting me in my job search. She motivated and pushed me to make the right connections and even worked to find these connections on her own time. Because of her, I was able to begin a career at New Balance in Brighton!”
Danies Maldonado
Alumni, Boston University School of Management

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my resume and mock interview. I did a mock interview with you to prepare for my interviews with the Big 4 accounting firms' summer leadership programs. Not only did I get accepted in two of the programs, but I participated in both this summer and got two internship offers for next summer! Thanks for all the help!"
Sarah Moret
Alumni, Boston University 

​"I wanted to let you know that this afternoon Ernst & Young offered me an audit internship for the summer and I will accept it once I get all the paper work from them later in the week.  I want to thank you for all of your help and support during this whole process. Without your help I would not have been in such a strong position to succeed and would not have landed the interviews I did let alone the audit position.  Before your class I barely knew how to write a resume let alone all the other things necessary for a job search. I really appreciate how helpful you were in answering all of my questions as quickly as you did as well as all of the preliminary stuff over the summer in finding contacts to reach out to. The advice these contacts provided greatly helped me as I worked through the process and provided invaluable advice.In short I cannot thank you enough and appreciate everything you have done to help me."
Josh Cohen
Boston University School of Management 

"Thank you for sharing your time with our youth at Maranatha Tabernacle Church of God!  The youth gave us positive feedback throughout this past weekend about the resume workshop.  We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and lend your expertise to our youth." 
Esther A. Slack, Director
WiredWord.com Ministry (A College Ministry with a Purpose)
Maranatha Tabernacle Church of God, Providence, RI

​"Youth in America have suffered for generations due to lack of role models outside of their homes.  Celebrities tend to emit a lifestyle that is un-attainable and non-realistic.  Natascha's humble character and down to earth persona is just what our young community needs.  She was gracious enough to speak at a community event in South Providence where she inspired not only youthful girls, but a whole community with her determination, inner beauty and dedication to the children. Minorities in Rhode Island and the United States as a whole should be honored by her representation."
Ronnie Young
Rhode Island Executive, Leader

"Natascha Saunders knows how to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds. Her warmth and willingness to share her knowledge and experience with others is immediately evident. Her life journey and career goals have presented very real challenges and obstacles that demand a positive attitude, humility and gratitude as well as perseverance, intelligence and hard work. Unlike other celebrities whose spotlight tends to linger on superficial topics, Ms. Saunders speaks to what's important in life and serves as an admirable mentor and role model. She knows how to ask questions and tell stories that draw out the dreams and aspirations in others and willingly shines her light on the road to collaboration and success."
Julia Karahalis
Development Professional in Rhode Island

"Natascha is truly an inspiration for anyone who comes in contact with her! She is knowledgeable, intuitive, uplifting and "Wise" beyond her years.  She is a disciplined, aspiring, overcoming - Achiever.  She has an extremely high EQ (Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Quotient).  She has proven to be both a genuine Mentor, as well as willing protégé.  She is not only a Future Leader, she is a Leader for the Future.  Be blessed by allowing her to touch your Life."
Keith S. Mathews
Media Executive Coach, Mentor

"I have known Natascha Saunders for several years. What I really respect and appreciate about her is the unique gift she has to motivate and empower everyone she meets. Natascha is a great communicator and public speaker. She always has wonderful ideas and advice to give, especially to those like myself, who are more quiet and introverted. For example, I learned ways to network and seek the career opportunities I want using her ideas with my personal style of communicating. Natascha is, overall, a great mentor and I would recommend her to anyone who asks." 
Shaneka Atherley
General Education Teacher
Atlanta, Georgia

"Natascha is a highly driven, motivated individual. I am grateful for her passion and dedication towards her job, from which I have gained immeasurably. I believe she will continue to help many other young adults like she has helped me, guiding them along the path towards a successful and rewarding career." 
Justina Seow Xue Nee
Alumni, Johnson & Wales University
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

“I have always been impressed by Natascha's character and personality.  She has an extremely strong sense of integrity and believes intensely in the power of faith.  She is obedient to the 'higher power' and has been a great spiritual mentor to me. Natascha always believes in doing the right thing.  Moreover, she has the highest level of respect for all people and succeeds without mistreating people.  I have never come across a person that has made me feel that there was a reason to hope for a better world.  Natascha’s spirit fills the world with light and especially helping those in the darkness find their way.”   
Marcus A. Sharp
Securities Operations – Finance  Top 5 Financial Firm

"Natascha is unique and creative in her career coaching approach and will customize her strategies according to her client's strengths.  She is the person to go to if you're thinking of changing careers or enhancing your current role."
Wendy Hernandez 
Former English Teacher Boston Public Schools
Now Successful Entrepreneur

"I have known Natascha for years and have always found it comforting to talk to her about my career goals.  Natascha has been a wealth of tremendous resource for me over the years.  She is constantly looking out for my best interest.  I started my career path in Accounting; Natascha has linked me to many professionals in the business profession and has encouraged me to be a mentor for those interested in Accounting."
Smith Utubor 
Audit and Risk Advisory Services"Big Four" Accounting Firm

"Natascha is a dedicated, hardworking professional who takes the time to get to know her students and offer them the best service she can. She is always willing to go the extra mile even for her fellow colleagues. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious!" 
Sharon Gold
Career Counselor/Educator 
​Johnson & Wales University

"Natascha's resume edits were incredibly helpful with landing interviews."
Monica Dillon
Operations Supervisor, Mortgage Banking Industry