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Motivational Youth Speaker and Career Coach, Natascha Saunders

Our career development workshops are designed to provide knowledge and skills essential for students and young adults to start, navigate, and excel in their careers!

Our objective is to provide both awareness and insight into the new world of career possibilities, including definitions, statistics, trends, and resources. Our workshops cover the essentials of launching a successful: (1) job/internship search, (2) preparing for college/graduate school, (3) making career pivots, (4) personal branding, (5) vision crafting and many other topics necessary for career and life success.

Natascha pours her heart into crafting workshops that inspire, motivate and deposits tools participants can implement immediately.


Career Exploration
Through this course, students build an understanding of the career development and management process by looking internally, outward and looking ahead. This class covers self-assessments, values, interests, personality, and skills; workforce development trends and personal network; and exploring of career options. A variety of assessment tools, individual reflection, and group discussion will be used.

Resume Building
This workshop covers the overall principles of creating an effective resume. Examples will be used to highlight resumes that are clear, focused, targeted and skill oriented. Participants without a resume will receive a template, while others are welcome to compare and contrast their current resume. Everyone will be encouraged to use the provided tools to continue their resume-editing process.

Vision & Goal Setting
This is our most requested workshop for students to learn how a personal vision statement can guide their lives and provide the direction necessary to chart the course of their days, choices they make, help them achieve their goals, guide them to apply what they’ve learned and ultimately is the legacy they will leave behind. Additionally, students’ craft a vision statement, learn how to map goals and create a personal advisory toolkit to help them achieve their goals.

Students participant in conducting a self-assessment and learn the five areas of personal branding called M.I.C.R.O. ™ These areas will include discussion around marketing materials, social media, clothing, communication, reputation and much more.

Interviewing Techniques
This workshop provides guidelines and practical advice that will help students successfully prepare for interviews. During this session, we will discuss different types of interviews (behavior, informational, panel, phone); address what 
some hiring managers are looking for, discuss the STAR method and strategize how to best answer potentially difficult interview questions.


....with a mention of Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Vine, YouTube, etc.
In this lab-style class, (computer use is ideal, but it can be taught without), learn to leverage your LinkedIn brand through an engaging profile. You will work within your personal account, and better understand how to navigate connections, benefits of joining groups, build community, create a strong profile, craft multiple headlines, etc. This workshop focuses on individual LinkedIn pages.

Additional topics include:
Academic Success

Career Pivots


Elevator Pitch

First Year of College

Job / Internship Search

Leadership Skills

Navigating Graduate School

Negotiation Tips


Personal Advisory Board

Selecting Your College Major / Graduate School Program
Selecting the Right References for Jobs & Graduate School

Succeeding In Your First Job
Winning Mentors



$500. (10 - 20 students)

$750.  (21 - 50 students)

$950.  (51 - 75 students)

$1250. (76  - 100 students)

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