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Helping students at all degree levels (High School, College, Graduate) start, excel, and navigate their careers!

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Jump start your student's career by giving them the support they need to stand out! This only happens when they have one person dedicated to ensuring they are ready to start, excel, and navigate their career choices.

Leave Natascha a private voicemail at 617-615-2838 or email her at Natascha@theyouthcareercoach.com with the best times to reach you and discuss how hiring her to coach your student will give them the competitive edge!

Let me ask you.....

~ Is your student ready for college or graduate school? 

~ Is your student self-aware and market-ready with the right connections?

~ Does your student know their Gallup Top 5 Strengths? 

~ Has your student applied and landed internships, jobs or a study abroad opportunity?

~ Has your student updated their resume, cover letter, biography and LinkedIn profile? 

~ Is your student organized, goal oriented, vision-driven, and strategic? 

If you've answered no or not sure to any of the above questions you just may need to hire us today! Review our coaching packagesHERE.

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